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A home inspection is a functional, non-invasive, visual assessment of a house. That means that our inspectors won’t move furniture, equipment, personal property, or anything else laying around your property.

What our inspector is searching for is deficiencies in the house that may reduce its value. Both the home seller and the home buyer should be aware of any findings during the real estate process.

All home inspection reports have a narrative report with digital photos emphasizing problems and areas of concern. Purchasing your dream house is perhaps the most expensive and important buy you’ll ever make.

The Right Choice For Home Inspector

A home inspection cost is a small investment in comparison to your new home cost. Why not invest in the outlook of your new house by picking Davis Home Inspection. We will help you in knowing the complete condition of the home. We work sincerely for you, our client. We are devoted to doing each home inspection as if we were buying the house.

A professional home inspector can assist in drastically reducing your risks and help in making the whole home buying procedure stress-free and easy. Benton Harbor home inspectors have different equipment, experience, reporting methods, pricing, and qualifications.

One thing is for sure. A comprehensive home inspection necessitates plenty of work. Yes, plenty of work. In the end, a methodical home inspection relies entirely on the effort put in by the home inspector.

Through experience, we know what to look for to correctly assess the condition of any Benton Harbor property.

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